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Information on Maintaining Hardwood Floors
Some Ways to Maintain Hardwood Floors

If you have thought about changing your flooring and have decided on hardwood flooring then you have made a great choice, but your hardwood floors will need to be maintained. Flooring that is hardwood is made using mature trees, it is then treated and finished. But hardwood will absorb moisture and also scratch if something is dragged across it.

Leaving a puddle of water in your hardwood floors would not be a great idea. The moisture will go into the cracks in between the slates and they will swell as they absorb the water. If this happens in even a little spot it will still be noticeable. If any liquid is spilled on the floor you need to soak up the fluid right away. Use a damp mop only when you clean your hardwood floors. There are also floor cleaners that are specially formulted for hardwood floors that you could use. Whatever you choose you must use only a damp mop.

Dents and aslo scratches happen to hardwood floors often. High heels are torture to hardwood floors. Over time any furniture legs can dent or scratch the floors. You can choose to put area rugs under the furniture to protect the floors or you can put felts on the bottoms of the furniture legs. You may also choose to add area rugs to any areas that are highly traveled in your house.

There are some people that feel that the scratches and the dents give their hardwood floors character. If you have a lot of dents and scratches then it is an option to have your hardwood floors refinished. If you have your hardwood floors refinished every decade or so and keep on top of protecting your hardwood floors, they will look the best. Moving anything across your hardwood floors to letting your dog run in the house can cause scratches and dents.

Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

The financial situation that the world is facing these days many people are trying to find a way to save, save, save. To save more money it is a great idea to make your home energy efficient. Your monthly hydro bill will be decreased if you make your home energy efficient.

To keep your home at a good comfortable temperature insulation is needed. If you have the right insulation put into your home you will see your power bills drop. But to have your home insulated well you must also have your floors, ceiling, basement walls, overhangs, and interior walls insulated. Wherever air is leaking into your home it is making your power bill increase. So you need to be sure that all cracks and crevices are sealed tight.

You can help make your home energy efficient by replacing your lighting fixtures with energy efficient models. You should make use of your dimmer switches also because this saves energy and money. Open up your blinds and curtains and let the natural light shine in this is how you can save the most on your bill and it is the best way to conserve energy.

When you are using your home appliances you are using a lot of energy. It is best that when you are shopping for appliances that you choose the ones that have the energy star. The expense of these appliances might be more but in the end you will be saving.

One of the best ways to make your home energy efficient is to install solar panels. Energy is created with these using natural resources. There are also solar panles that are available that can heat water they are called solar thermal collectors. What a great way to use the suns natural energy and to make your home energy efficient.