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Basketball Dribbling Drills for Kids

Playing basketball is a great way for kids to stay active. At a time when a great number of young people are sitting around the house watching TV, playing video games and not getting enough physical activity, encouraging them to play basketball is a good idea. One of the ways to make sure basketball remains an enjoyable option is to learn the game well. Dribbling is one of the most important skills in basketball, and specific drills can help kids become better ball-handlers.

Ups and Downs
Start by dribbling the ball at waist height. As you maintain control of the ball, gradually make your dribble go higher and raise your dribble to chest level, shoulder level and then head level. Don't lose control. Gradually lower the dribble back to waist height, then knee height and then slightly above the ankle. Do this for five minutes with your dominant hand, then do the same thing with your opposite hand to learn how to control your dribbling.

Cone Dribble
Set up a series of five cones starting about 10 feet past mid-court. The cones should be about five feet apart. Pick up the ball at mid-court and dribble to the right of the first cone, the left of the second, the right of the third and then continue on in that manner. When you have dribbled past the fifth cone, turn around and speed-dribble back to mid-court. Do the drill three more times.

Draw the Picture
This drill will help you learn to control the basketball as you dribble it. Start by dribbling the ball at waist height. Form an "X" with your dribble. Use both hands to do this. Then draw a cross, a circle, a square and different letters of the alphabet. This is not a timed drill. Do this on your own when you have time. The key is to be precise.

Wall Dribble
Dribble the ball standing about six feet away from the wall. You should be running in place as you dribble. After the fifth dribble with your dominant hand, fire the ball off the wall, catch it and then dribble with your left hand while running in place. Fire it off the wall following the fifth dribble. Keep this up for at least four minutes.