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Basketball Equipment for Kids

A coach should take time in the early part of the basketball season to ensure that the kids on his youth team are properly equipped for the sport. The equipment needed for kids is minimal, but important nonetheless, advises "Coaching Youth Basketball," a book published by the American Sport Education Program.

A youth basketball player needs a ball. At practices, each child should have a ball, but many programs only supply a few for 10 or 15 kids to use, advises David G. Faucher in his book, "The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Basketball." Faucher also advises writing a child's name and her phone number on the ball. This helps to avoid mix-ups. Depending on the child's age, you may want to purchase a youth-sized ball.

Kids need to have shoes that are made for playing basketball instead of sneakers or running shoes, advise Keith Miniscalco and Greg Kot in the book, "Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Basketball." The proper shoes will give kids proper traction on the basketball court. Kids also need to be wearing socks as well as shorts and loose-fitting shirts or tank tops that give them needed freedom of movement.

Knee Pads
Knee pads are important for youth basketball practices; these pads are as essential to kids' basketball as batting helmets are to kids' baseball. Knee pads help kids avoid injuries that can lead to permanent health issues. Knee injuries also discourage kids from continuing in the sport due to being afraid of reinjury. Be prepared, however, because kids often complain about wearing knee pads.

Water Bottle
Youth basketball players should bring a water bottle to practice. While a water bottle is optional, it helps to alleviate water-fountain traffic jams and encourages kids to drink more water. Players should label their water bottles with their names.