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Basketball Shooting Drills for Beginners


One of the fundamental skills when it comes to basketball is shooting. And the best way to improve your shot is practice. Critical in this process, though, is developing the proper form while shooting--so the shot you are practicing is correct. As a beginner, your shooting drills should emphasize proper form and technique. By following a few simple steps, you should be able to improve your shot by initiating and carrying out the proper basketball shooting drills.

Step 1
Do a sidestep drill. This drill requires the participation of a partner. Sidestep along the three-point line, from one baseline to the other and back again. Have your partner pass you the basketball from somewhere underneath the basket and, wherever you happen to be standing along the three-point line, stop for just a moment and take the shot before continuing your sidestepping. Your partner will act as your rebounder. This drill will develop your three-point shot and help prevent you from developing just a few specific shooting spots by forcing you to shoot from wherever you happen to be when the ball comes to you.

Step 2
Practice a bank drill. Begin a few feet inside the three-point line. Attempt to bank in the shot. As soon as the ball is shot, run in for the rebound, then run back to your previous spot, taking one step toward the basket to repeat the process. Continue until you are almost completely underneath the basket. This drill will not only hone your bank shot, but it will develop arm strength and help turn rebounding your own shot into a second-nature reaction. When finished, go to the other side of the court and repeat.

Step 3
Perform the around-the-world drill. This drill develops your ability to shoot from all over the court. Begin next to the basket, shooting a simple layup. Once you've made it, move to the intersection of the baseline and the three-point line and shoot. If you miss, you go back to the layup shot and repeat. If you make it, move on to the free-throw line. If you miss it, move back to the previous spot, not moving on until you remake that shot. If you make it, move on. Continue "around the world," with your shooting spots after the free throw line in the following order: at the top of the key, at the top of the three-point line, back at the top of the key, back at the free throw line, at the other intersection of the baseline and three-point line, and on the other side of the basket for the final layup.