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Best Hand Weights for Running

Running with added weight will force the body to work harder and therefore get more out of the experience. While ankle weights are controversial because the added weight at that part of the body can result in injury during the running process, hand weights will only increase the body's workload and help the runner get in better shape quicker.

Speedo Hydro-resistant Hand Weights
These 1-pound weights wrap around your hands with Velcro and will help you burn more calories during your run. These unobtrusive weights can handle heavy rains if you choose to run in those conditions. (2009 suggested price: $17.99)

Heavy Hands
These weights are available in 1-, 2- and 5-pound sizes. Runners should use the 1- and 2-pound size weights. These weights slip over your four fingers and should fit your hands nicely while you run. The 1- or 2-pound weights are recommended for most runners, because the 5-pound weights are simply too heavy for most runners to handle on runs of 3 miles or longer. (2009 suggested price: $26.99)

Xco Walking and Running System
This will allow you to burn extra calories by running and also build strength in the core muscles and upper body. The Xco system uses granulated weights that will get heavier in the back when you swing your arms forward and heavier in the front you swing your arms back. It comes with a DVD on how to use it and a hip pack to store the weights when you are finished carrying them. (2009 suggested price: $169.99)