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Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Leap

Vertical leap is defined by the distance a person can jump up in a straight line. This measurement is used to determine an athlete's ability in several sports, such as basketball and pole vaulting. Just as with all other sports skills, your vertical leap can be increased through practice and exercise.

Deep Knee Bends & Jumps
Making sure your knees are strong is the first step to an increase of vertical leap; much of the power you need for the jump will come from your knees. To begin, stand up straight. Slowly bend your knees and lower your body while keeping your back straight. Get as low as you possibly can before slowly rising back up to the standing position. Start with 15 repetitions, increasing the number over time.

Deep knee bend jumps begin in the same way as the deep knee bends, standing with your back straight. However, instead of slowly lowering your body, quickly squat down, then push your body off the ground using your legs. Jump as high as you can. As soon as your feet touch the floor, crouch down again for another jump. Like the deep knee bends, start this in a rep of 15 and increase the number slowly over time.

Hurdle Hopping
This exercise will develop your knees and hips. To start, you will need 6 to 8 runner's hurdles lined up and spaced approximately 2 feet apart. Stand up straight in front of the line of hurdles, with both feet firmly on the floor. Crouch down and spring with your knees together and tucked into your chest over the first hurdle. As soon as you land, repeat and launch yourself over the second hurdle. Continue this as you move over all the hurdles, making sure you immediately move into a jump the moment you land. Use your arms to gather balance and increase your vertical distance.

Stomach Crunches
Another huge factor in a vertical leap is your abdomen muscles. One of the best ways to strengthen and tone your ab muscles are simple stomach crunches. To perform a stomach crunch, lie on your back, with your legs straight out ahead of you. Using your abdomen muscles, gently lift your shoulders off the ground while keeping your back straight. Do these several times a day for 10 minutes at a time.