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How to Become a Better Point Guard


The game of basketball has undergone many changes over the years, and few of the changes have been more widespread than the ones to the point guard position. While the point guard leads and directs the offense, the position used to require a player who only looked for open teammates and would take a shot only as a matter of last resort. Modern basketball requires a point guard to have speed, athleticism, an aggressive attitude, shooting talent and the ability to find the open teammate.

Step 1
Dribble with both hands. A right-handed point guard who only dribbles with his right hand will not have success. Opposing defenses will overplay that right hand and force the player to his left. If he can't dribble with his left hand, he will turn the ball over and will be exposed as a poor point guard.

Step 2
Keep your head up when dribbling. As soon as you cross the midcourt line, you have to be in an attack mode when you are a point guard. By keeping your head up as you dribble, you can find an open teammate, dribble into an opening to create a scoring opportunity for yourself or draw the defense to you so you can make an effective pass. If you keep your head down you won't see any open teammates.

Step 3
Accelerate to the basket whenever you see an opening in the defense. You may be significantly smaller than the opponents guarding you, but if you can get past them, you will create a scoring opportunity. You will either get a path for a layup, or you will force a defensive player to lay off the man he is guarding and come stop you. If the latter happens, you can easily get the ball to your open teammate.

Step 4
Work on your outside shooting. You want your opponents to respect your ability to make the 15- to 20-foot jump shot. Becoming a good shooter is incumbent on the point guard in the modern game of basketball. Your opponents' defensive skills will sometimes prevent your teammates from getting open, and as a result you will have to be responsible for the offense by hitting the jump shot.

Step 5
Communicate with your teammates. You have to shout out plays based on instruction from your coaches as well as what you see on the floor. Make sure your teammates know what play will work best. Don't be timid--use a loud and aggressive voice to bark out the play.