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How to Choose Weightlifting Gloves

It is important to pick the right weightlifting gloves for your hands and your needs. The right weightlifting gloves will help you lift more weight, keep you safe, and save your hands from calluses. The wrong weightlifting gloves will interfere with your weightlifting, could cause you to drop weights, and could actually harm your hands.

Step 1
Try the weightlifting gloves on. You should never buy weightlifting gloves without feeling them on your hands first. Go to a store that sells a wide variety of weightlifting gloves and try on a large selection.

Step 2
Consider why you need weightlifting gloves. If you just want to keep your hands dry so you can get a good grip on the weights, try neoprene gloves. If you are lifting heavy weights and want more support, try leather gloves.

Step 3
Think about wrist support. If you are a casual weightlifter, you probably don't need any and can buy weightlifting gloves that only cover the hands. If you are lifting heavy weights, you might want weightlifting gloves that wrap around the wrists.

Step 4
Examine weightlifting glove straps. If you are a casual weightlifter, you might be fine with weightlifting gloves that just slip on. More serious weightlifters opt for gloves with Velcro straps for a tighter fit. Those who lift very heavy weights can buy gloves with long straps that wrap around the wrists. These provide maximum support but are more difficult to put on and take off.

Step 5
Compare your favorite weightlifting gloves side by side. Close all the straps just like you would have them when you lift weights. Open and close your hands to make sure they fit correctly. The weightlifting gloves should be snug so they don't move around, but not so tight that they pinch the hands. If you have difficulty deciding, wear one type of glove on one hand and another type on the other hand. Choose whichever one is more comfortable.

Step 6
Consider price. Inexpensive weightlifting gloves cost less than $15 for a pair. Expensive ones can cost you $100 or more. There is no need to buy expensive weightlifting gloves unless you are a serious weightlifter or bodybuilder. It is a good idea to start with an inexpensive pair first, then upgrade to a more expensive pair to suit your needs. Weightlifting gloves only last a year or two, so it won't be long until you need to change them anyway.