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How to Hold a Basketball When Shooting


The art of shooting a basketball has been instructed in a variety of ways during the sport's existence, but how to hold a basketball when shooting has largely remained the same. While it takes concentration and skill to actually make baskets when shooting, following a few universal rules of how to hold the basketball will help get the ball to the rim more accurately, and in turn, should help you make more baskets.

Step 1
Spread the fingers of your dominant hand and place them on the top of the basketball. If you are right-handed, then your right hand is your dominant hand.

Step 2
Place your off-hand on the side of the ball. The off-hand is there to steady the ball.

Step 3
Raise the ball just above your face, keeping both hands in the same position, only now your dominant hand should be at the bottom of the ball, supporting the ball from underneath. Be sure to keep the elbow of your dominant hand under the ball and not out to the side of the ball. Also make sure only your fingertips are holding the ball; no part of your palm should touch the ball.

Step 4
Roll the ball off of your dominant hand toward the rim maintaining contact with your fingertips on the ball as long as possible.

Step 5
Follow through on your shot by allowing your wrist to bend downward as you release the ball.