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How to String a Basketball Net

Whether you have a basketball rim hanging from a poll in your driveway or a private basketball court inside the gates of your residence, you are going to have to replace your basketball net from time to time. You don't have to do any major reworking of your basket setup, but you will need to climb a ladder and put on a new net.

Step 1
Check your basketball net every month or so. Climb your ladder so that you are at eye level with the top of the rim. If one of the loops near the top of the rim is hanging by a thread or one of the strings has fallen away from the metal loops, it is time to replace your net. A nylon basketball net can be placed at most sporting goods stores.

Step 2
Cut down the remaining net with a scissors. If any ends of the old net remain on one of the loops, use a knife to clean out the remaining piece. You are now ready to put up a new net.

Step 3
Find the wider side of the new net. Begin connecting the wide end to the metal loops on the underside of the rim. There will be about 15 loops under the rim that need to be strung. You have to do this one at a time, and it can be a bit of a painstaking procedure because you are working on a ladder and you have to keep your balance. However, once you are comfortable at the top of the ladder, it should take about 10 seconds per loop to put up your net.

Step 4
Pull your net taut once you have strung it up on the bottom of the rim. By pulling the bottom portions of the net, you will ensure the ball goes through the net and does not get stuck.