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How to Tape Soccer Shin Guards


One of the frustrating things about shin guards is the way they're constantly slipping down your leg while you're playing soccer. Unless you have a very expensive pair of shin guards, you're going to struggle with keeping these pads in place. And while socks are intended to help support shin guards by keeping them tight against your legs, most of the time this just results in your socks going down with the shin guards. But there is an easy way to keep your shin guards up--by using tape.

Step 1
Make sure the shin guard is on your leg in the position you would like it to be held in. Decide whether you want to apply tape to your socks or directly to your skin. Taping to your skin will result in a better hold, but it will also be very painful to remove. Taping over your socks will make the tightness of your wrap more critical, but it will also be much more comfortable.

Step 2
Slip on your socks, if desired. Make sure the shin guards are properly placed even after the socks are put on. Unroll six inches of tape and apply it to the front of your shin just below where the shin pad is located.

Step 3
Wrap several full rotations around your leg, making sure that the tape is tight but not restricting blood flow. Tear the tape from the roll and smooth it onto the wrap.

Step 4
Unroll six more inches from the tape spool and apply it to the shin/sock just above the bulge of your calves. If you are applying the tape to your sock, it will help hold up the sock and the lower wrap you have made, preventing the sock from pulling down your shin guard. If you're applying it to the skin and shin guard itself, it will offer more support to your lower wrap. Tape several rotations around your leg, then tear off the tape from the roll.