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How to Use Shin Guards


Shin guards, or shin pads, are important pieces of equipment utilized in numerous contact sports, such as ice hockey, baseball and soccer. Shin guards must cover almost the entire length of your lower leg, from ankle to knee. Learning how to wear shin guards properly can protect you from a variety of serious leg injuries. Once you have the correct shin guard, putting it on will be easy.

Step 1

Choose which type of shin guard you need. All sporting leagues (of sports which require shin guards) require shin guards that have an ankle stirrup to protect the ankles. There are also shin guards with or without ankle sleeves that consists of an elastic sock covering a foam layer. These types of shin guards are usually worn by smaller children. Make sure you purchase the correct size. The shin guard must cover the area from the top of your shoe to about 1 to 2 inches below your knee.

Step 2

Wear a pair of thin socks underneath the ankle protector to add comfort and prevent the shin guards from causing skin blisters.

Step 3

Put the shin guard on each shin and securely strap them in place.

Step 4

Prevent anything from getting caught between your shins and shin guards by wearing long socks over your shin guards. Make sure the socks are long enough to cover your shins completely