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Smart Shopping: Smart Shopping for Soccer Socks

Soccer socks serve several important functions, including protecting the player from scratches and scrapes, holding protective gear (shin guards) in place and showing off the team's colors or logo. Even if players receive a pair with a team uniform, they should still get a couple of their own pair for practices.

What to Look for

Soccer socks with elastic bands or thicker material around the arch provide extra support. Some also have added elasticity at the ankle and top of the sock to keep them in place. Buy soccer socks made from a Lycra/polyester blend instead of the older cotton socks. Socks with Spandex tend to fit better, stay in place and wick away moisture.

Common Pitfalls
Don't try on soccer socks without your shin guards and soccer cleats on hand. You need to get a feel for the combination and make sure everything is snug, but not too tight. Avoid the older cotton-blend socks that tend to stretch and retain moisture. Don't buy a brand just because you recognize it; buy the socks that feel and look the best.