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Basketball Practice Planning with Morgan Wooten

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How 2 Jump higher like Michael Jordan in Just 10 weeks
I'm sure that you, like the remainder of us, are still in mourning for Michael Jordan's retirement ( from basketball...we're all entertaining that he retired baseball.) Michael Jordan was a gang pleaser for his amazing speed and precision to be certain. However , we all know the real reason this name has forever modified basketball : his vertical leap. You are saying'Michael Jordan' and this is certainly the image that springs to mind. However , now that he is's retired a fresh set of athletes must come in who can take his inheritance and make it better. If you wanna jump like Mike, you will learn it is not all genetics.

The vertical jump is crucial to nearly any sport. Whether basketball is your passion or volleyball or whatever else, increasing your vertical jump will make you a better athlete. Do not despair if now your vertical jump looks only a little better than a hop. It will not occur all at once but you definitely can improve. Here are some starter exercise programs :
Vertical jumps : No this is not a joke. Yes for no brainers! If you want to learn how to jump higher, you must think about jumping higher all the time.

Jump roping : The easy act of jumping will help your muscles get use to the work out of stretching and contracting your muscles. Nobody said you've got to do this workout with little girls singing chants about Cinderella. At the beginning, the best strategy is repetition. Try to fit in as many as you can in a minute. This helps your legs become used to the motion you have when you jump and improves your quads.

Calf raises : Put your feet on the edge of a step and lift your legs using just your feet and ankles. Move till you're standing on the balls of your feet and tighten your calf muscle.

These exercises will start to enhance your vertical jump and will help you improve as a sporting hero. Be smart and do not over do any of these. Taken with a little patience and precision you should be able to improve your vertical jump. We are hoping that you will be able to increase your vertical leap and reach your goals. Who knows, perhaps we be seeing you as the next Michael Jordan.

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