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Barbell Bent Over Row

Description : Bent over row is a good combination back and core exercise. It demands some decent core strength and the ability to hold your spine in neutral position (chest up and abs drawn) through the entire exercise. Learn how to perform this exercise in this training video brought to you by Inflict Training!

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You can Improve Your Sex Life with Yoga!
One of the incredible benefits of yoga is its power to transform your sex life! Yoga allows people to get in touch with their bodies and their sexuality on a deeper level.

Yoga can improve your sex life on two levels: mental and physical. It counteracts stress, fatigue, and poor self-image, all of which can suppress your libido. You'll also benefit from increasing your physical fitness, particularly strength, flexibility, and muscle control.

In addition to the physical exercise that yoga provides, letting go of the thinking mind by focusing on the breath and the body is also absolutely fundamental. Imagine how this can improve sexuality.

1. Letting go of the thinking mind by focusing on the breath and the body is also absolutely fundamental. Imagine how this can improve sexuality. Some people find it almost impossible to let go of the constant grind of the mind, even in bed.

2. Energy - When the body is in good physical shape, the muscles are relaxed, the mind is focused and calm, and the breath is flowing evenly, the body has more space and is therefore has more energy. Yoga helps to rejuvenate and invigorate, preparing the body for as much sex as desired.

3. More and Better Orgasms - One of the fundamentals of yoga is to contract the pelvic floor muscles during the practice. Strong pelvic floor muscles mean more potential for longer lasting, stronger orgasms such as the upavista konasana, or wide-legged straddle pose — increase blood flow to the pelvis. The muscles that run through the pelvis are chronically constricted. Another crucial aspect of yoga involves engaging and drawing up the muscles of the pelvic floor (known in Sanskrit as mula bandha, or root lock), which strengthens the muscles that play an integral role in orgasm.

4. Self Confidence-When people are not confident with their bodies, they are less likely to truly enjoy their sexuality because they are focusing on what they perceive as short comings. Yoga allows the person to calmly let go of the negative thoughts about physical appearance through a regular yoga/meditation routine.

5. Physical Fitness – Yoga tones the muscles, improves strength, increases flexibility, and prepares the body for sexuality.

6. Discovery of New Positions – With the increase in body awareness of what the body is capable of through exciting yoga positions, yogis are more likely to be adventurous and confident in discovering new and exciting sexual positions.