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Single Leg Barbell Row

Description : Single leg bent over row is a fantastic combination back, core, and balance exercise. You'll have to be able to comfortably support your body weight before adding resistance like dumbbells or barbell. Learn how to perform this exercise in this training video brought to you by Inflict Training!

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Make Fitness a Habit
With a healthy body is a healthy mind and to keep sanity in an insane world, exercise should be a part of everyone's life. Even if you are a busy person and have a lot on your plate, juggling between work, family and a social life, you can still make exercise part of your life. In fact, the moment you do, you will find more energy than you ever thought possible. Exercise allows you some stress relief, helps you balance and renew your energies and boost your overall health.

In the days of ancient Greece, physical fitness and sport was just as much a part of a young person's education as was philosophy and the science. Gymnasiums where built for athletics, education and health. In ancient India the practices of union with god or union with the higher contained within them the practices of yoga asanas (yoga postures). With good physical health and stamina, the body working perfectly, the eastern yogis and mystics could then use their energies for spiritual purposes.

Nowadays our world is plagued with problems of obesity, cancers, disease and sickness. As the body breaks down, the mind follows suit with an assortment of mental and emotional problems from anxiety to depression. Ever notice how the ones who are really fit and healthy also have a great attitude towards life, full of zest and vitality?