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High School Soccer Field Measurements

Soccer is a demanding sport that requires its athletes to be in superb condition. That's because soccer players must run throughout the game with just a few moments of rest. High school soccer is very difficult because athletes play their sport on nearly the same size field as college and professional players.

Playing field
At the high school level, the field must be at least 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. The standard length is 110 yards long by 70 yards wide. The out of bounds markers that go the length of the field are called touch lines or side lines. The wider out of bounds markers are called the goallines.

The goal posts are 8 yards apart and the height of the crossbar is 8 feet. This measurement is the same for high school, college and professional soccer in North America.

Size of the soccer ball
At the high school level, the soccer ball must weight at least 14 ounces and cannot be more than 16 ounces. The circumference of the ball must be at least 26 inches and no more than 28 inches.

Penalty area
The penalty area is the area closest to the goal on the offensive side of the field. Most effective shots are taken from within the penalty area. The penalty area is 18 yards from the inside of each goalpost and it extends into the playing field to a depth of 18 yards. The two outside lines of the penalty area are joined by another line that is parallel to the goalline.

Corner kick area
These areas, located at the four corners of the field are wear corner kicks are taken from. They are known as corner arcs. They are quarter circles with a radius that extends one yard into the playing field. If the defensive team sends the ball beyond its own goalline, the offensive team is rewarded with a corner kick from one of the corner arcs.