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Soccer Speed Training Workouts

Speed is one of the pre-requisites for becoming a great soccer player. By itself, speed will help a player run into scoring opportunities that other players will not get. Combined with skills like dribbling, anticipation and faking, speed will turn an average player into a good one and a good player into a great one. Most people believe speed is a God-given gift and you are either fast or you are not. However, there are many exercises and drills you can do that will improve your explosiveness and help get you faster.

Tire Flip

One of the keys to getting faster is building more explosive power in your legs. To do this, get an old truck or tractor tire. Bend down in a catcher's crouch and put your hands underneath the side of the tire. Push up the bottom of the tire and attempt to flip it up and over to the other side in one movement. Repeat this exercise 10 times. This exercise will push your thigh muscles and calf muscles as well as your core muscles and will help you build explosiveness.

Standing Broad Jump

Stand at the end line of the soccer field. Rock your body back and forth by swaying with your arms and then jumping forward as far as you can go. After regaining your balance, do a quick jump. Do 10 of these broad jump-quick jump combinations.

Resistance Sprints

This involves a teammate's help. Stand on the endline and have a teammate hold on to your waist. On the coach's signal, the first player tries to sprint as fast as possible while his teammate holds on to his waist. After a count of 4, the teammate in back lets go of the teammate trying to sprint. The player in front will move as though he has been propelled forward after the resistance is removed. Do this 10 times and then let the resistance partner become the sprinter and the first sprinter becomes the resistance partner.