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How to be a Soccer Goal Keeper

The position of goal keeper in soccer is one of the most important positions in the game. A team that is being dominated by an opponent can find a way to stay in the game when the goal keeper plays well. In addition to being able to stop shots, a good goal keeper can get his hands on crossing passes and break up opposing attacks and he can also start the offense with decisive passes up the field.

Step 1
Remain alert at all times. The goal keeper is the last line of defense. Not only do you need strong reactions, you have to anticipate the next play and where the attack is coming from. Your team might be attacking at the other end of the field, but a counter-attack could result in a strong shot on goal in a matter of seconds. Remain vigilant with high concentration.

Step 2
Attack the offensive player when you are facing a one-on-one. You are at the shooter's mercy if you sit back on your line and try to react to his shot. He'll have too much room to shoot. You must come out to cut off the angle and prevent him from shooting at an open net.

Step 3
Direct the defense when the opponent is preparing for a corner kick. You need to tell your teammates where to go to prevent a well-directed shot on goal. If the opponent wishes to attack by sending the ball to an unmarked player outside the penalty area, you should be able to stop that shot. However, if they are going to send a ball in your direction, your teammates must mark their opponents well to prevent a scoring opportunity. You must tell them where to go to prevent a good scoring opportunity.

Step 4
Kick the ball deep to send the attack in the opposite direction. If you stop a shot, get a pass from one of your teammates or you intercept a crossing pass, you can change the flow of the game by punting the ball deep down field, which will put pressure on the other team's defense.

Step 5
Pass the ball to any unmarked teammate. If you are being pressured or your teammates are not open, kick the ball long down field. However, a more precise way to start the attack involves getting the ball to an open teammate with a throw or a well-placed kick.