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How to Choose Soccer Cleates

When looking for appropriate soccer cleats, consider several factors to choose which type will be most appropriate for you. First consider your level of play and then factor in what weather conditions you will be playing in as well as the types of fields or surfaces you will be playing on. Buy soccer cleats appropriate for soft grassy fields, artificial turf or the hard surface of an indoor gym.

Types of Cleats
Soccer cleats come in either molded or detachable styles. Molded cleats are ideal for beginning and intermediate soccer players, and are suitable for use on all types of outdoor fields and all types of weather conditions. These cleats are made of rubber or hard plastic and are molded to the sole of your soccer shoes. They provide excellent traction and control during play. Turf shoes come with molded raised grooves on the sole and are excellent for use on artificial turf or hard surfaces. Many soccer players use these when training. Detachable cleats are made of hard plastic with metal tips, and have the ability to screw on and off for easy replacement. These cleats are ideal for variations in weather because you can change them from shorter to longer lengths as conditions require. Detachable cleats are best for more advanced players and work well on soft grass or wet fields.

Types of Materials
Soccer shoes are made either of leather or synthetic material. Leather provides players with the best fit, allowing for a better feel when kicking the ball. They are more durable than synthetic models, but also more expensive. Leather soccer shoes tend to absorb more water, so they are not the ideal choice for wet playing fields. Synthetic shoes are the best choice for beginning soccer players as they are less expensive, easy to clean and good for wet playing conditions.

How to Shop for Your Cleats
Look for regulation cleats when shopping and be sure to consult a sporting goods sales professional to determine the best fit for your foot by measuring both feet accurately. Soccer shoes should fit snugly, without compressing the feet in any way.