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How to Jump Higher in Basketball


When playing basketball, there are a variety of skills that can improve your game. One of the best one, regardless of the position you play, is the ability to jump high. Jumping is useful in blocking shots, stealing a high-thrown pass or making shots over a defender. To jump higher, the muscles of the legs need to be strengthened. Performing exercises that will strengthen the legs are the best way to increase your jumping abilities and improve your game.

Step 1
Perform squats as a part of your workout routine. To do a basic squat, stand with your feet hip-distance apart, back straight, and squat down as if sitting in a chair. Do not allow your knees to extend over your toes. Hold for a couple of seconds, then slowly rise back to standing. Repeat 10 to 30 times, then rest before doing them once or twice more. To increase the intensity of the workout, use exercise bands, wrist weights or dumbbells. Also, include a jump between squats by jumping from the squatting position instead of rising, then lower back into the squat. If you workout at your local gym, consider using the squat bar to perform this exercise.

Step 2
Jumping rope is a very effective exercise in strengthening all the muscles that you will use when jumping in basketball. Spend a couple of minutes each day jumping rope or tack a few minutes onto your regular workout routine as a warm-up exercise. It is also a good cardiovascular exercise.

Step 3
Strengthen your calves by doing regular toe raises. If you have a membership in a gym, make use of the toe raising machine and add a few pounds to increase the intensity of the workout. If you are working out from home, get a good workout by holding a couple of dumbbells and stand with your toes on the edge of stairs. Do at least 50 raises for a good workout. If you don't have access to stairs, stand on the flat ground and raise your body up and down on your toes.