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How to Score in Basketball


The key to winning basketball is team play. When you have five players on the court working together on defense, passing the ball, setting picks and running plays, you improve your chances of winning. However, if you have all of those attributes but your team can't put the ball in the basket, you won't win. Basketball teams need scoring and they need players that can do it consistently. Getting an open shot is a big part of it but having a player who has the confidence he can deliver points at big moments in the game is even more essential.

Step 1
Run toward the hoop if you are ahead of the defense. A good scorer knows his opportunities. If you have taken a pass from a teammate or you have dribbled past the defense, accelerate to the basket. Don't concern yourself about getting caught from behind. This is your opportunity for a dunk or a layup. If you have doubts about the play, you are not a scorer.

Step 2
Take the ball to your favorite spot and go up high and launch your shot. A true scorer has several spots on the floor where they have the most confidence when they shoot the ball. Perhaps it's the right baseline or the left side of the foul line. Don't hesitate. Elevate and shoot the ball when you are at the apex of your jump.

Step 3
Use a screen from your teammate to get open. This is a big part of consistent scoring. If you are a jump-shooter, you need the help from your teammates to get open looks at the basket. Make eye contact with your teammate as you are about to receiver a pass. He will know that you like to go to your right before you shoot. He will set his body between your defender's left shoulder and you. This will give you a split second to get your jump shot off.

Step 4
Take the ball to the basket if you see a weak defender in the middle. Don't concern yourself about contact. You should try to initiate contact with the defender because if the referee calls a foul, you will get two free throws if you miss the shot and a bonus free throw if you make the shot. Taking the ball into the lane can result in bruises, but it will open the outside shot up for you later in the game.

Step 5
Work on your 3-point shot in practice every day. The outside shot is a must in today's game. You have to expand your range to make opponents respect your scoring ability. Taking the ball and shooting five shots from the right baseline, the right elbow (where the foul line intersects with the key line), the top of the key, the left elbow and the left baseline will help you expand your repertoire and give you the range to shoot the 3-pointer more consistently.