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How to Learn Soccer Moves

Soccer moves allow you to beat a defender one on one, or create space for yourself to execute a successful pass or shot. Players should develop the ability to perform a range of soccer moves successfully.

Step 1
Train alone with a ball and practice your soccer moves on a regular basis. To perform successful soccer moves you need to develop your comfort and ability in possession of a soccer ball. To practice successful soccer moves all you need is a ball and a patch of grass or turf. Perform dribbling and soccer moves as fast as possible while keeping the ball under control. Use a cone or tree to simulate a defender. After you have performed a successful soccer move you should accelerate away to avoid being tackled by a defender.

Step 2
Learn the correct technique of each move you want to make during a soccer game. To perform a drag back, place the sole of your foot on top of the ball and drag the ball away from the defender, change direction and accelerate away. A step over involves a fake; you should step over the ball and give the appearance you are going to dribble to one side, quickly shift weight and dribble to the other side of the defender and accelerate away. Ask a soccer coach for advice if you feel you lack knowledge in technique.

Step 3
Join a travel team to help you learn soccer moves in a competitive environment. Playing on a competitive team will allow you to practice your soccer moves against live opposition. A travel team will also expose you to coaches who can teach you and increase your range of soccer moves. Competition will place a demand on you to practice your soccer moves at full speed in an intense environment.

Step 4
Supplement your practice with professional training. Professional soccer training companies exist that can offer you purely technical training in addition to your travel team work. Technical classes focus on ball work and teach you many soccer moves.

Step 5
Study coaching videos, which teach a number of soccer moves. A professional coach will give you step-by-step instructions. Coaching videos will be a big help to players who learn visually.