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Soccer Training Tools

Soccer is one the most popular youth sports in the United States. Soccer training is crucial to good performance and players practice on a regular basis, both with their teams and on their own. A wide range of soccer training tools are available to add to the learning experience of a soccer player.

Kwik Kik Speedball Platform
The Kwik Kik Speedball Platform is designed to work like a punching bag for your feet. This soccer training tool helps improve coordination, technique and body control. The product comes with a soft ball to increase comfort and to allow you to make more touches without wear and tear. Skills that can be practiced with the Kwik Kik are passing with the side of the foot or laces, control and trapping the ball. No matter how hard you hit the ball, it is supported and rebounds to you as a punching bag would. The Kwik Kik is available online for less than $40 in 2010.

Soccer Edge Bungee Cord Soccer Training Tool
The Soccer Edge is the only bungee soccer training tool officially licensed by the United States Soccer Federation. The product does not include a ball, but you can place your own soccer ball in the net provided. The product works best with a size four or size five ball. The Soccer Edge Bungee training tool can be pinned into the ground with the accompanying corkscrew stake. When you kick the ball, it rebounds back as it reaches the end of the lightweight 10-foot cord. The harder you kick the ball, the more power it will come back with, allowing you to practice trapping the ball at a range of speeds and heights. Passing, crossing and shooting can also be practiced with this soccer training tool. This soccer practice aid is available online for less than $20 in 2010.

Soccer Hop Soccer Rebounder
The angled design of the Soccer Hop Soccer Rebounder allows you to kick a ball and have it come back at varying speeds and heights. The unpredictability of the ball returning allows you to develop footwork and ball control. This soccer training aid is made of lumber and is shipped to you with a plan for assembly. You can do it yourself, or take it to Home Depot, as the manufacturer suggests. The cost of this soccer practice aid is $40 in 2010. Their website also offers instructional DVDs with training plans using the Rebounder to be purchased separately.

Headball Soccer Trainer
The Headball is a soft soccer ball designed to help you practice the skill of heading the ball in a safe manner. The product is designed to prevent the kind of head injury that some believe is caused by heading a soccer ball. The Headball website provides free drills that can be used to develop heading technique, as well as some fun games to add an element of competition to your soccer training. The Headball Soccer Trainer is available for under $23 online in 2010, and the price includes free shipping when purchased through the website.