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How to Score a Goal in Soccer

Scoring a goal produces one of the most rewarding feelings in soccer. To score goals in soccer you must be proficient in several areas. Technical and tactical ability is required, along with a good deal of physical fitness, if you wish to become a consistent goal scorer.

How to Score a Goal
Step 1
Learn and practice the correct technique of striking a soccer ball. The side of the foot and the laces are the most common surfaces to use when shooting at a goal. The plant foot should always be directly next to the ball and the striking leg should contact the ball with the knee above the ball. When using the side of the foot, you should contact the ball in the center of your side foot, and ensure your follow-through points to your intended target. When looking to strike with more power, you should use your laces. The plant foot still goes next to the ball, and you should point your toes to the ground, contacting the ball with your laces and following through toward your target.

Step 2
Decide before you shoot whether you wish to shoot primarily with power or accuracy because that affects which surface of your foot to use. Factors that will affect your decision are the positioning of the goalkeeper, defensive pressure and the distance you are from the goal.

Step 3
Develop an ability to score goals with a range of weapons. It is not always possible to score goals with feet. Heading is one method of goal scoring as is deflecting the ball from close range with the thigh or chest. Practice scoring goals with balls that bounce in front of you, or come at you at a range of heights.

Step 4
Work on movement and speed. Before you get the ball, you must be able to create distance between you and the person guarding you. That's essential to becoming a consistent goal scorer. You must change speed and direction to lose a defender or gain a yard of space that allows you to shoot and score goals.

Step 5
Maintain a positive and aggressive attitude. Goal scoring is not something that happens naturally; you must make it happen. Be aggressive and do not be afraid to fail. Good goal scorers have the ability and confidence to keep shooting even after a miss. Hockey great Wayne Gretzky summed up the goal scoring mentality well by stating you miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take.