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Training Internacional of Limeira -Brazil

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The Tip
Just some thoughts
- You need to remind player, and more importantly parents, that soccer is a physical sport with aggression being part of the game. There is a big difference between aggression and violence. Show your players and practice drills with them that show what is legal and not legal contact. We should encourage our players to play as hard as they can within the laws of the game.
- Skills are all well and good but hustle and not quitting on a play, a ball, a save, defense, offense, whatever is what wins games. A players desire to win and compete can often make up for a lack of technique or tactical awareness. Encourage them to take this same attitude in their drills and encourage this through praise.
- Getting the ball back in play quickly is a problem at all our age levels. Kids need to understand that this can be a big advantage, or disadvantage, and soccer is unlike other sports in that it rolls along rapidly. We need to try to replicate this environment in our practices.