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warm-up for Soccer Game

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The Tip
Drills – really the amount of work is making it fun for them while you accomplish educating them in the basic skills of soccer. Be creative and if you have fun, they will to!
- Take any childhood game you can think of, and it can lend itself to your drills. Simon Says, Red light/Green Light {I like to alter this game and use a whistle, 2 short bursts for stop, 1 long for go – gets them used to listening for an officials whistle}, Duck/Duck/Goose {where they need to get up and dribble and catch each other}, Fetch, and many others.
- Ships and torpedo’s in a square: have two different balls {smaller or different color} and take two individuals that can only stay outside of the square. The players in the square all have a ball and the ball is their ‘ship’. They dribble and the ‘subs’ outside the square fire ‘torpedo’s’ at the ships. Many variations of what occurs next: each hit ship must then go outside the square and becomes a sub until all are outside or you can fix your ship by leaving the square, perform 5-10 tap dances, and then allowed back into the square. Takes normal kids forever to figure out that they can shield or defend their sub by shielding the ball from the subs {if not fast or agile enough with dribbling to avoid them}. Excellent drill to let them figure it out and be creative.
- Very small field, 2 nets or sets of cones acting as goals, 2 lines or groups, the coach rolls a ball into the playing surface while yelling ‘go’, the next player in each line goes to the ball and either player can shoot and score on either net. If ball is hung up or long exchange the coach can yell ‘next’, the players leave the ball and exit the field by the coach and circle around to the end of the line {so as not to cross the active drill ‘field’} and the next group goes. Once mastered, then have 2v2 or 3v3 and you can give one group pinny’s and put that same colored pinny in a goal {and they can only score on the goal with their colored pinny or no pinny}.
- Start off with a square of cones, 4 players, each in general area of a cone. They pass the ball and call for the pass using names. Then switch direction of pass. Then add a player to the center of square and they must pass to each other and the person in the middle ‘gets out’ by winning the ball. Then add a fifth cone and player to the ‘star’ and put two defensive players in the center. Use this to explain an open passing lane {defines as you can see the ball, you are open, if you can’t you aren’t} and that you need to move and can ‘fake’ out defensive players by where you look.
- Other drills that stress the importance of a defensive player getting the ball to someone on their team to start a play and not just merely kicking it somewhere, anywhere, as it will be back and soon. It is okay to kick the ball out of bounds under certain conditions. It is okay to hold onto and dribble the ball until someone plays you!