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Doing a Flat Belly Diet

The flat belly diet lasts for 32 days, with four days of pre-diet preparation and 28 days of dieting. However, the author of the Flat Belly Diet, as seen on Oprah, insists that "diet" is a misnomer, and this method is simply a better eating plan that allows dieters to eat well, be satisfied and lose weight -- even without exercising. The diet can be tailored for individuals with allergies, vegetarians and other special cases. Here's how to lose weight and look trim with the flat belly diet

1- Begin the flat belly diet with four days of bloat-control eating to prepare yourself for the Mediterranean-inspired eating plan. For this pre-diet, simply avoid simple carbohydrates, sugary foods, carbonated beverages, fatty foods, chewing gum, spicy foods and fried items. You'll drink the "sassy water" during this time to help with weight loss and prepare you for your diet. The sassy water recipe is in the Flat Belly Diet book.

2- Buy ingredients for your flat belly diet and rid your kitchen cabinets and fridge of any junk foods. Remove temptation and surround yourself with healthy eating choices, including good snacks, to prepare yourself for success.

3- Create a meal plan using the flat belly diet book, in which you can customize each of your three meals by interchanging the choices. Each meal must include something in the monounsaturated fat category, such as nuts, olive oil, chocolate, seeds, avocados or olives. The reason for this is that these MUFAs, as they are dubbed, may aid with weight loss and help you feel satisfied even when eating less.

4- Eat each of your 400-calorie meals four hours apart. The diet allows 1,600 calories per day to nourish your body without adding weight, and to help your body burn calories already hanging on around your tummy area. IN addition to the three regular meals, you have 400 calories allotted to a floating meal or snacks.

5- Add exercise to your flat belly diet to supercharge your weight loss and improve overall body strength. While exercise is not required on the diet plan, there is a chapter devoted to the optional flat belly exercises, which you should consider doing 3-5 times a week to improve your flat belly diet results.