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The Best Home Remedy for Instant Muscle Pain Relief

Muscle pain may come from being tense, overworked or injured. This kind of pain is aggravated by use of those muscles. Muscle pain may also result when the body is affected by certain infections like flu.

Care for the Muscle
Rest the muscle. If you keep using the muscle the pain is going to worsen. It takes 48 hours for the muscle to heal from mild soreness. The amount of rest needed depends on the severity of the injury. If you don't rest, you could worsen the situation.

Immediately after an injury, apply an ice pack or wrap the injured part in a towel with ice. But don't overdo it; apply the ice in intervals. Avoid hot compresses, as they are bad for muscle pains.

A gentle massage of the sore muscles can help ease the pain and soreness.

Although it seems difficult to move the muscle, the best way to cure it is to use it gently. Stretch the muscle and exercise it mildly.

Take an anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin or ibuprofen or use an anti-inflammatory rub.

Stay hydrated. If the pain is due to cramping, dehydration may be the cause. Drink lots of fluids.

Home Remedies
Try natural home remedies that will cure the pain as well as prevent any side effects.

Garlic is anti-inflammatory and is therefore very useful to cure muscle pain. Apply mustard oil treated with garlic to the affected body part to provide instant relief.

Tart cherry juice is an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory and helps muscle recovery.

Turmeric powder is an Indian spice that can be used in food to help with more serious conditions like arthritis or joint pain.

Take some ginger with honey to subside the pain.

Mix cayenne pepper with olive oil and apply in the affected area to lessen pain.

Herbal Cures
Clove oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil are often used to treat muscle pains. Rubbing the oils on the affected area will provide relief.

Epsom salt provides instant relief. Pour two full cups of epsom salt in hot water and take a bath in it.

Oil extracted from St. John's wort, an anti-inflammatory plant, may be applied to the affected area for instant relief.

White willow bark, arnica and devil's claw may also be used for their anti-inflammatory properties. Use as directed in the product label.